June 17, 2010

Thanks to Common Wealth Game, Soon Delhi will be beggar Free

This is one of the oldest program of Delhi govt to make beggar free Delhi, When ever India hosting any big sporting event they want to get rid of beggars so its not surprising to see the initiatives of Indian govt to made beggar free Delhi in the run up to next year’s Commonwealth Games, The Delhi Social Welfare minister Mangat Ram Singhal launched the mobile courts to fast track cases against beggars, whose population in Delhi is estimated at over 100,000. Ten more mobile courts will be introduced soon.
Now Social Welfare Ministry having 13 vehicles for catching beggars & they are ordered to catch 65 beggars per day & beggars will face the punishment between 1 to 10 year.

Minister Singhal said in New Delhi " To begin with, citizens who spot beggars can reach the mobile courts through a control room. The courts will reach the spot and take away the beggars,
Make no mistake, this is one determined minister. “Before the 2010 Commonwealth Games,” he says, “we want to finish the problem of beggary from Delhi.” How? By depositing them elsewhere — the suburbs, jails, wherever — as Uttam pertinently suggests?
At last I would like to say that why our govt always come into sense during any big event why not every time? Is this to show the world how develop we are? If it is than so sad to India & Its govt who believes only to hide the ugliness of our country in spite of solving it.

Thanks common Wealth Game who at list forced them to take initiatives to solve this problem as the mater fact our govt never interested to solve this problem rather than halting it for some time, to show our untrue development in front of the world.
This is our development & growth!
India is indeed great


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