June 17, 2010

Facebook owners are in trouble

Pakistani police filed a case against the owner of social networking site Facebook including an American women for publishing a photo of Prophet Mohammad on charges of offending. A senior law ministry official filed the case to the Lahore High Court reported hearing.

In Lahore a case has filed under Section 295 C. against the American woman & Facebook owners for insulting Prophet & Islam. Already a non-governmental organization "Islamic Movement of Lawyers' was filed a petition in the Lahore High Court which said that Prophet Mohammad was insulted on Facebook so that facebook should be banned in Pakistan.

After this court May 19, 2010 the government ordered that Facebook be banned. A June government had removed the ban on Facebook. Mohammed Azhar told the BBC that the petitioner in the trial of the three owners Facebook Maorka Elliot, Deasston Maugskof and Zekharberg and includes a woman named Andy.

Do you know? In Pakistan Stiff punishment for Insulting Islam & Prophet!

One who insults prophet Mohammad in Pakistan, they are getting life imprisonment or death sentence .
Mohammad Azhar further added, "I am waiting for the police to contact Interpol for the arrest of the accused." Deputy attorney general told the court that the Government of Pakistan will take this case to the United Nations and would take into General Assembly will be discussing this.
The court ordered the government to monitor the website system to be streamlined so that in future such cases can not be take place. Telecommunication Union Ministry official told the court that the government has formulated a policy under which no one able able to insult Prophet Mohammad & Islam on internet.
Great Job Pakistan, culprit should be punished for their devilish work.


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