June 23, 2010

Maoist:- Fight Of Justice & Terrorism

Maoist the greatest problem of Indian & threat to our development. You see Famous writer Arundhati Roy said "Moist the Gandhian with guns" while Chatishgadh CM told "Maoist not terrorist" My question to all of you what you think Moaist are terrorist & fighting for their justice? Let's find out what are they?
As I born in orissa, Dist Mayur Bhanj so I have seen living style of Naxalist so closely & I am going to tell you the bitter truth of their development, you know they don;t know the meaning of education, water, road, employment, Hospital, electricity, election & voting what to talk about entertainment & sports.
As I have seen practically the medical facility of our district that Doctors are don't know the meaning of treatment & they are treating patients like animals so My family use to go Jamsed Pur for treatment. Only hospital in the district & its a more than 5 KM from the naxal area, 90% present serious patient are dying on the way to hospital.
After 64 year of independence still their living style is equivalent to the ancient people who are living in then caves. I have seen the "Adibashi" children are coming to school from a long distance & 99% children were left their studies after 5th or 6th std & now working as a daily wager only 1% people are able to complete their study & you know what they are taking in their meal that is nothing but pokhl Bhat(Rice with water) & salt Now come to their dressing concept women are only wearing Saree while men are wearing Dhoti. This is their development, our govt is earning a lots of money from mining from these areas while they are getting nothing. If they are fighting for their rights than I thing its not terrorism but a fight of freedom.

Please think over it, what you will do if you will face the smiler treatment no doubt you will do the same what they are doing.

At last I would like to say govt should take initiatives for the development of the naxal effected area for the bright future of our nation this is the only solution to Maoist & nothing ales.