June 17, 2010

Pig's blood is used for Making cigarettes?

Bad news for smokers that an Australian expert has said" Probably pig's blood is used for Making cigarettes". If The report proved true, the cigarette manufacturers have to face the opposition, which was used in making cigarettes does not report things.

According to Pakistan's Online Swaanda agency in a study conducted in the Netherlands showed that 185 pigs are used in industrial activities, which includes cigarettes. According to researchers of the possibility that cigarette filters are used in the pig hemoglobin.

Sydney University's Public Health Department Professor Simon Chapman said that if it is proved that cigarette use in the pig's blood is so heavy it will resist religious organization.

The research revealed that the use of pig hemoglobin is used to make cigarette filters. Hemoglobin is believed that such harmful chemicals from getting into the lungs of cigarette smoking stops.
Might be this news help smokers to quit smoking.


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