June 17, 2010

Nasa:-Aliens exist on Titan(satellites of Saturn)

Yes, NASA scientists claimed that satellites of Saturn's giant "Titan" significant evidences of the existence of aliens.'According to 'Daily Telegraph that " NASA scientists have concluded it after watching chemical composition of Titan's surface.
Scientists claim that aliens breathe in the planet's atmosphere & use its surface fuels to exist The findings of NASA 'Casini probe under' sent after the test data has been extracted. The relationship was investigated at two levels.
First-level investigation found that hydrogen gas to be found on Titan's surface has now almost disappeared which suggests that aliens can breathe. In the second phase of the investigation report states that on Titan's surface gradually is the lack of chemicals. In this regard, it is feared that the aliens living here use them.
NASA scientist Chris Mackay said that the way we estimate that on earth do we take oxygen present on Titan similar organisms are hydrogen assumed. According to scientists the signs are associated with life, it would be extremely encouraging. Because the earth's water-based life would be different from other kinds of creatures.
This is really great achievement of science.


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