June 16, 2010

Who is the real Terrorist Ajamal Kasab, Waren Andersan or our politicians?

I am asking this question to every Indian that Who is the real terrorist Ajamal Kasab, Warren Anderson or our politicians ? Let's find out, who is the real terrorist?
You see Ajmal Kasab, The prime accuse of 26/11, who killed 166 people got life sentence on the other hand Warren Anderson, The Chief of UCIL(Union Carbide Industry Limited), Who killed 15,134 and affected 5.74 lakh people, got freedom with the help of Senior Congress leaders Arjun Singh & Ajay Singh, now the state govt & central govt is blaming each other as the mater of fact state govt have no power to anything against of central govt order & this time political leaders caught red handed, I think you all have seen the video in news channels. now come to the Gas victims compensation, after 26 year of Bhopal gas tragedy still people are fighting for their compensation & Accuse is living a luxurious life in USA because of our politicians.
More disturbing is the post-incident handling of affairs by our government. It is reported that the government actually assisted Warren Anderson, CEO of Union Carbide India Limited, in leaving the country. The other accused were punished after 25 years, after getting two-year sentences, and were out on bail after paying Rs 25,000 bonds.
Anderson let off because UCIL (Union Carbide Industry Limited) given $470 million as compensation to Indian govt. but only a part of $470 million dispersed to the victims what about the rest of money?
Now come to Ajamal Kasab who killed 166 people & our govt is spending Rs 31 corer every month behind this terrorist to keep him alive, I think if this amount will be given to the gas victims will be far better than spending that mush money behind Kasab, what we can able to do with a bullet very sorry our govt failed to do it after spending millions of rupees behind him.
You see India accessed Headily in US, Who said be the master mind of 26/11 than why not access to Warren Anderson?
Now after 26 year of Bhopal gas tragedy our politicians came into sense & doing the drama for giving justice in 10 days.
Thanks to our poor judicial system which shown the dirty face of our corrupted leaders & their dirty game too.
Now come to the point who is the dreaded terrorist Ajamal Kasab, Warren Anderson or our politicians? You recognize, who is the real terrorist?
No doubt answer will come that our political leaders are the real terrorist of our nation, you can address them as "Mout ka Saudagar".
so they should be hanged like a terrorist in spit of Warren Anderson & Ajamal Kasab.


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