June 05, 2010

Moist:-Gandhians with Guns?

Arundhati Roy surprised the World after addressing Maoists as "Gandhians with guns" & told that “The Naxal movement could be nothing but an armed struggle. I am not supporting violence. But I am also completely against contemptuous atrocities-based political analysis,” she said. “It ought to be an armed movement. Gandhian way of opposition needs an audience, which is absent here. People have debated long before choosing this form of struggle ... I am on this side of line. I do not care... pick me up, put me in jail,” she also added that Terming development of tribal areas as ‘‘do to the environment. According to TOI,
I am heartily supporting the view of Miss Roy while I am totally against of the violence which Moist are doing now a days especially their attack on Gyaneshwari Express which results 68 dead & 200 injured, this a official figure while death tole most be exceed 200. This is one of the most shameful thing moist ever did. I know some thing wrong going with them from a long time but killing innocent people you are doing the same thing what you got from others than who you are different from them you are also corrupt like them.
I also belong to Mayur Bhanj Orissa & I have seen the life style of the tribal area who people are suffering since our independence & govt is closed his eyes yet. Its reality that the race for destruction’’, she said huge mining contracts in the heart of the tribal areas in central India pose a threat not only to tribals but to entire humanity, given the damage it will ose don't the meaning of electricity, education& employment & entertainment, 99% people living daily wags & they are still enslaved don't the meaning of freedom, rights & development.
I think Govt poor development policy is responsible for this critical situation & this innocent people taken guns in their hand, doing violence, its really unbelievable because these innocent believes to die rather than committing crime, as a I have seen their living style & nature for 20 years. No doubt about that their most be some politics is going on behind it or some group of extremist doing violence in the name of those innocent people.Govt should punish them.
At last I would like to say that Govt should start development programs in tribal areas & give them equal right of living . This is the only solution to Moist & Naxalism.