June 06, 2010

Indian's were better under British rule?

The president of Mumbai Freedom Fighters Sabha, S.J.Chughani wrote “We are better under British rule”. Now he is 82 years old, including him thousand of people, who fought the freedom fight, but after 64 years of Independence still waiting foe the “Freedom fighter “Statues. Mr Chughani also said that “ I have exchanged innumerable letters with the president & written to various to chef minister of Maharastra , but don’t ever bother to reply”, According to TOI, This al about news paper but I have seen practically in my own life one my friend Imran who lives in Bihar, his Grand Father was a freedom fighter who fought trough out is life to get his freedom Fighter status but didn’t got till the end of his life . He also saying the same version that in British rule they were happy, we are getting 1 rupee per kg rice during British rule but now inflation rate is so close to 20%.
Now see according to TOI, 400 people killed at Jallianwala Bagh on April 13, 1919, were recognized as martyrs only in December 2008, 89 years after their death.
The Goa and Hyderabad liberation movements were included as part of the freedom struggle in 2003 — 43 years and 62 years, respectively, after the events
But many of the Goa and Hyderabad freedom fighters are yet to receive their pension
This is irony of Indian Democracy where common men have no write in spit of casting their votes to the corrupted leaders. No doubt about that Mr Chughani is saying the bitter truth that “We people are better under British rule”, earlier we were enslaved by Britishers & now by the corrupted political leaders. Our political leaders are not leaders but layers who are fooling the common men on the name of development & growth. You see since our independence political leaders are promising for solving the problems like inflation, unemployment, illiteracy, corruption, electricity & water but failed to fulfill their promises. You see PM Manmohan singh told during election that give me one more chance we will control inflation but its 2nd year of his new govt , he is saying the simile version “ we will reduce inflation to 4% to 5% by Dec 2010 & now you see Shashi Tharoor & Sarad Power ,who initially told that “ we have no connection with IPL now papers showing their involvement , above all activities of political leaders showing that how corrupted political leaders are & they don’t know any thing beyond lying. On the other hand you see the work of Indian govt & Britishers, you will find out that Britishers are more honest than Indians, You see the buildings, bridges, Flyover they made are still in best condition while those buildings, bridges & flyover made, those are in miserable condition.
At last I would like to say that “political leaders are always that same, they can promise to built a bridge where there is no river” so it’s a request of mine to all Indians please came in to seance, don’t cast your votes to the layers other wise that day is not far when they will sell our nation along with its people, in the name of development & growth.
So please wake up for the shake of Mother India ……………………………


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