June 16, 2010

Honor Killing:- An incurable disease in Indian society?

Honor Killing,This is an incurable disease in Indian society, it must be new in the capital like Delhi while its very much common in the states like Bihar, UP, Orissa as I have seen the social environment of the following states I don't know about the other states but as I have seen & heard every were in India people are same they still following the old tradition after the 64 years of independence & govt is failed to take any action against them on the other hand Govt always talking about development, is this our development? This incidence were the shine of our backwardness & illiteracy where still people have no freedom to leave their own life & people playing with the others life only to maintain their social status & false ego.
How shameful this is?
At fisrt Delhi Journalist, Nirupama Pathak's murder, who was a victim of 'honor killing , in Jharkhand
Sudha Devi and journalist's father and brother are the main accused behind it.
Now,This time it is in the Capital, the North-West Delhi,Yogesh, a 20 year old man who was in love with Asha 18 year old but there was a twist in their love story, Yogesh belonged to a lower caste while Asha’s parents were totally against even the thought of their daughter marrying someone of a lower caste. They got her engaged to a businessman of Sonepat and were busy in the preparation of wedding. Asha was unable to give up her love for caste, and was becoming a problem for her parents.

So The couple was dragged inside & hammered with a heavy hammer and made to sit on iron trunk and electric current was passed to ensure a horribly painful death, How cruel people are?

This is not only the one incidence, where innocent people lost their life but uncountable Yogesh & Asha are facing the same problem in Indian which unknown to the world.

I think you all have seen & news channels about Khap Panchyat & same gotra marriage controversy & most shameful thing that some of the political leaders are also supporting as Haryana CM told that "He is against of same gotra marriage" & at the same time people also demanded to restrict same gotra marriage but Supreme court rejected it.
This is the irony of our democracy & reality of our development!
At last I would like to say that we will not truly develop till we will not change our mentality so please stop playing with the life of innocent people on the name false Honor & Govt should take strict action against such culprits to prevent such ugly incidence.


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