June 17, 2010

See The good work of Bihar Police

Bihar Police said to be one of the corrupted police department In India likely to change his bad image as Bihar police's campaign engaged in school.
In fun this work begins by the Bihar police, the police men sitting comfortably make some vulnerable children like they were strolling down the street given the task of delivering the school that parents send to school. 25 thousand children have reached school in the past two months. The work which has happened before on DATA not properly raised by the police, met police headquarters two months figures have been included in this new achievement lists. Police efforts to deliver children from school records remain the highlights of Katihar district. In April 3946 and in May 1413, children were brought to school by police. where Jehanabad placed second in April 1960 and May 203 children were delivered to school by police.
ADG PK Thakur said soon Professional trained sub-inspector will be appointed to drive the speed. After school openings the drive will be faster. Particularly In small districts police's achievements are quite remarkable for delivering babies to school.
Thanks to Nitish Govt who changed the scenario of Bhiar likely to enter in the golden era of Bihar.


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