June 08, 2010

1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy, who is the culprit?

This is not Justice but the death of Judiciary system.Union Carbide plant caused the world’s worst industrial disaster which has since killed 15,134 and affected 5.74 lakh people, according to TOI.
This is 25th anniversary of the mass killing when the union carbide factory’s tank no-610 containing MIC (Methyl Iso Cyanide) due to chemical reaction over 200 degree Celsius released large volume of deadly gas which results the world’s largest industrial disaster.
After the 25 years of this disaster, still the victims are fighting for compensation & all accused walk away after paying personal bonds of Rs 25,000? UCIL paid Rs 5 lakh for the death of more than 15,000 people and crippling of six lakh people!’’ on the other hand the the chief accused Warren Anderson, he was arrested and immediately released on bail by the MP police on December 7, 1984. & now Nearing 90, who lives in the United States, appeared to have gone scot-free as he is still an absconder and did not subject himself to the trial.
Do you know why? Anderson let off because UCIL (Union Carbide Industry Limited) given $470 million as compensation to Indian govt. but only a part of $470 million dispersed to the victims what about the rest of money. Now govt. totally forgotten this incidence and is busy to solve 26/11 and organizing “Skok shabha” of his victims.
Veerappa Moily | UNION LAW MINISTER said that "This is one such case where justice is delayed and practically denied. I would like to say justice is buried. It is my concern" My dear minister this is not the first time when justice is delayed but this is the irony of India's democracy when ever a common men fought for justice, he always got delayed justice in the smiler way. You see the example of Ruchika, Jusica, West Bakery Case, Arushi & many more every one knows about it.
On the other hand, B R Lall( former joint director of CBI who headed the probe from April 1994 to July 1995) said that “We (CBI) were forced by ministry of external affairs officials not to follow Anderson’s extradition,”
It’s proving the country like India where the common people’s life is valueless to every one and when some one throws a stone or shoe to a political leader, it’s became the agenda of nation where thousand of innocent people are still suffering like the victims of the tragic incidence of Bhopal. Government’s false promise of development and secularism proves nothing more than the cock and bull story. They can promise for a bridge where there is no river. I think only the God has to come to correct our leaders and govt. no one can do it.
While writing this article about the victims and their plight is so panic for me how panic it is for those who faced it in reality. Govt. should understand their pain. At last I am paying homage to the victims of Bhopal gas tragedy with tears in my eyes and praying to God may their soul rest in heaven with peace.


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