June 25, 2010

India won Asia cup now its turn for world cup

This Monsoon shower finished the draughts of 15 year in Indian cricket. After 15 year of long gap Indian cricket team won the Asia cup & given a sweet gift to Indian fans who desperately expecting this rocking performance from Indian cricket team. Now doubt India is one of the best side in world cricket so claimed the No1 spot in Test cricket & 2nd spot in ODI but one thing that we are lacking that our bowling attack but this time our three fast bowlers Nehra, Zaheer & Praween performed their best to help India to clinch the title, all credit goes to Nehra & Kartik who performed remarkably well & became the game turner. As the matter fact Indian batting line up failed in the final, the Target Indian team given to Srilankan team that is is not a winning target in our subcontinent but thanks to our bowlers specially Nehra who delivered a magic spell & broken the back bone of Srilankan team. This is the main reason we won & Srilanka failed to achieve the Target.
If our bowler will perform like our batsmen than no doubt we will be the best side in the world & no one have the power to compete us so our bowlers needs to perform their best, if we want to win the big tournament like world cup.
At last I would like to congratulate Dhoni & Indian team for winning Asia Cup & Wishing Best of Luck for world cup 2011. I hope Dhoni must fulfill our dream to give us the sweet gift of world cup.
Go On Dhoni & Indian Team........Keep it Up


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