May 22, 2010

Ban on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & Blackberry service, right or wrong

Pakistan surprised the whole world after banning the social networking sits like facebook,Twitter, Youtube & Blackberry service. This ban was imposed due to the wake of a controversy over a contest featuring blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Mohammed.
Since "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" was announced on 20 May, those associated with its creation have been rushing around to distance themselves from the ensuing controversy. Cartoonist Molly Norris has announced, "I am NOT involved!"as a result of that shameful act,
20 million internet user of Pakistan will not assess those famous micro blogging sites.
According to a PTA official, the ban expanded to YouTube because some caricatures from Facebook were uploaded to Youtube. Twitter users have mentioned that Wikipedia and Flickr are on the blacklist too.
Without giving any officcal warning Pakistan blocked this sites.
Please the read the reactions of some Pakistani people over this ban:-

Mahnoor Aziz said May 22, 2010:-
"I am so proud of our PTA for the decision to ban facebook,I hope ban stays indefinitely,who cares about a social networking site we can sure live without it,its a waste of good time anyway when we can utilise that time planting trees and praying and giving charity.I have left facebook for good and I know many who’ve done the same.Bye bye FB,twitter and myspace here I come!!!!"
FAREEHA said May 22, 2010:-"WE LOVE MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) AND WE BEING MUSLIMS LOVES HIM ALWAYS".At last I would like to say that I am totally agree with Aziz & Farheen & their reaction is justified because if you don't know how to respect some one's sentiment you have no right to heart it & none of the religion ever permitted an one to heart other religious sentiment either he is a Muslim, Hindu & Cristian or belongs to any other religion.
So this ban is not wrong, all social networking sites should be take care of such activities other wise they will face the same treatment every where.
On the other hand, some news papers & magazines are using it for publicity ,you see, A South African weekly on Friday published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad complaining that his followers lack a sense of humor, angering Muslims and raising fear of reprisal attacks during next month's World Cup.This is really shameful & inhuman act of media as they are playing with the sentiments of millions of people, as well as putting millions of people's life in danger , for their won benefit. I think govt should take strict action against such news papers & Magazines.
The world should understand that either Hazrat Mohammad, Lord Krishna or Jesus Christ, they are the messenger of God & came in this world in their respective era.
So please stop your devilish work.


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