May 27, 2010

PM Manmohan Singh's Five promise to the nation true or false?

Every Indian knows that PM Manmohan Singh promised to solve five most impotent problems of India while addressing to Media on the eve of UPA govt's 1st year. During this press conference he promised to whole nation that,
lets see what are those
1-Maoist ,2-Inflation, 3-corruption,4- political management, 5- Indo-Pak ties/terrorism
Now question arises, are these problems going to be solve or how far these promise are true?
At first lets talk about Inflation PM Manamohan singh told that we will control inflation to 5% to 6% by Dec 2010. while similarly he promised last year of his last govt , he told that "Give me one more chance we can solve inflation" but result came a double digit 15% to 16% inflation mark. Its the mater of fun that since our independence every govt promising to reduce inflation but in spite of reducing its increasing day by day. The thing which not achieved since 53 year of independence than how it can be possible with in 7 month. Let's see what happening.
Now come to Moist, so far during UPA govt 1100 people killed in Moist violence & as the day progressing situation going to be waste & govt failed to take any action against them in spite of giving false assurance.

Corruption free Govt, these is impossible to do because corruption is the part of politics & another name of politics. You see the leaders like Lalu Yadav, Mulayam Singh, Mayawati, Sajan Kumar & many more are the another name of corruption govt is failed to take any action against them from a long time.
Political management is never possible in India because a collaborated govt never dare to do this because he is not independent.
Now come to most impotent topic that is Indo-Pak Ties& Terrorism, here I can saying confidently that this is most impossible task to find. You see the great leaders like Gandhi Ji & Nehru Ji failed to find peace between Indo-Pak that how can we expect that nay other can do it.
Lets thing positive but you see when ever Indian govt stretched his hand for friendship every time Pakistan given a explosive in our hand. Pakistan already given his indication while giving clean chit to Hafiz Saeed, the prime accuse 26/11 terror attack that peace can't be possible between Indo-Pak.
Terrorism the biggest problem of the world & looking like a unsolved puzzle & the developed country like US & USSR & UK failed to find the solution against terrorism as they are the minority tag how can we believe that we can able to find solution when India is the largest democratic country of the world.
At last I would like to say that the promise PM Manmohan Singh done with nation is impossible to keep & I am saying confidently these problem will never get solved, only a miracle or only God can do it.
If I am lying than wait & watch..........


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