May 09, 2010


Ajmal Kasab, A 22 year old boy, mass killer of 166 innocent people, turned in to a dreaded terrorist & the hero of terrorists. When Kasab started his journey for 26/11, it’s known to him that he is going towards his death but he didn’t hesitated & killed no of innocent people mercilessly & caught red-handed & got what exactly expected before his mission 26/11. Finally Kasab got what he gave:- death.
People are saying that a person get matured after 30s means Kasab is not a matured person. A unmatured person turned in to a terrorist knowingly that his reward nothing but only death & he got death sentence saying that “Kasab is a menace to society” while he is not the real culprit as he killed the 166 innocent people, I think no one ever tried to ask him & want to know, what made him a butcher as he killed people mercilessly. No, no one asked him about it because nobody wants solution, after killing Kasab, we are going to create uncountable Kasabs which is great threat to society.
The whole world knows the fact Kasab is nothing but the victim of poverty, unemployment & illiteracy which made him a terrorist, while illiteracy is the creator of every big problem because a educated person never finds future in terrorism because he always thinks about the result before committing a crime while a illiterate people never though about the result so some extremists are misguiding the illiterate peoples in the name of religion, saying that “ terrorism” is “Jihad”, a holy war for getting the sweet reward of “Jannat(haven)”, do you think a educated person can go for this, no never because he knows what is wrong & what is right. You see the moists in India as they taken weapon in their hand & following the stepping steps of Talaibanians without thinking their end, this also because of illiteracy & nothing else.
So till we will not destroy the root of terrorism & Naxalism, we can’t fight with Kasab, if we will kill one Kasab, uncountable Kasabs will born due to illiteracy, poverty & unemployment. I think every nation should take initiatives to solve these problems to finish Terrorism & Naxalism from the whole world other wise Kasab will become immortal & destroy the humanity.


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