May 16, 2010

India's first vaccine against H1N1 Swine Flu, costing only Rs-150/-

Worlds most deadly disease Swine flu which killed uncountable people around the world mercilessly, which effected badly 210 countries in the last 40 year while In India H1N1 infected more than 30,600 while till may 2010, H1N1 killed 1501, from that moment we don't have any vaccine against H1N1.
In India so far 24 govt & 19 private labs testing clinical samples.
Its great news for Indians that our first indigenous vaccine against the deadly H1N1 Swine Flue is ready to fight which exactly a year after when first case of Swine Flu on 15nth May 2009 confirmed in India.
Thanks to Serum Institute of India(SII), Pune, who developed a H1N1 vaccine, not painful & no side effect too, its totally opposite to the nature of the injectible vaccine like fever, swelling or convulsions , which can be used by anyone who is above of three year except of pregnant women.
The vaccine will be delivered into patients nose, through a device fitted on top of a syringe. A quick spray in the both nostril of H1N1 patient, the main route for infection & after that body starting to develop antibodies against H1N1 influenza & protects from Swine flu.
The final Clinical trials of the vaccine said its safe & effective.
SII will set to apply for licensure for this vaccine & soon it will hit the market
with an affordable price of Rs 150/- only


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