May 28, 2010

Once Teacher : Now Millionaire!

According to Peter Ustinov that "Corruption is nature's way of restoring our faith in democracy."
Mayawati and Mulayam Singh the Two well known leaders of Indian politics, when ever their is a talk about corruption their name always comes first. These two leaders having so many similarities at first both Mayawati & Mulayam starts from latter M than both belong to UP politics and have graduated from their respective position as teacher to Crorerpati(Millionaire). Both of them facing CBI charges on corruption and amassing wealth not in consonance to their known sources of income only one place where Mayawati is different from Mulayam singh Yadav that is her statue love & currency garland love, recently she declared her assert publicly as 84 cr, here I really appreciate her because what other leaders are doing behind the shadow she believes in doing it day light.
However, it does not matter to both of them as they enjoy good privileges which any commoner can not think of. But at the heart of the whole issue is how a teacher can become so rich that CBI has to look into their assets. Even law makers are not able to put those clauses in the rule book on which these can be booked and put behind bars. Not only they enjoy the fruits of power but have coolly passed on the next generation all these privileges.
Well done democracy. Hats of to you and as well to the practitioners of this fine art of making money, and be fooling the State.


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