May 28, 2010

Why seats are not reserved for gents?

Marilyn French told that "I believe that all human beings are equal. I believe that no one has the right to authority over anyone else."
I think every one has seen in bus, Metro trains, Govt. jobs, Education sector as well as in parliament, the rule of reserved seat for ladies. My question is to everyone, why seats are not reserved for gents? According to our democracy both male and female have equal rights of living. On the other hand, we are discriminating them. Forget about the education, govt. jobs and parliament lets discuss about the seats reserved in bus and metro train. I think it’s totally injustice to the gents as everyone has seen seat reserved for the ladies, senior citizens and for physically handicap but no one has seen seat reserved for the gents. Why? Do gents have no right to sit?

Did you ever see males in bus or metro train, they are traveling like animals. Please notice this announcement in metro that “male person are requested not to sit, seats are reserved for the ladies”. Do you ever realize where they will sit? As a result of that they start breaking the rules like sitting on the reserved seats or on the floor of the metro train.

In fact, honestly, I never enjoyed a journey in a bus or metro with seat. 99 times out of hundred, I traveled like an animal. Even if I went to the hospital for treatment as I heard from the politicians that “this reservation is for the development of women”. I don’t think this is development; real development comes through hard work and quality not by reserving seats.

My personal experience as I worked in a MNC, what I have seen there is, our boss is promoting beautiful girls and exploiting the talented and hard working males. As a result, many people turned to criminals or robbers. Why most of the crime committed by males? This is because of the exploitation they are facing everywhere since our independence following the rule of “ladies first”.

You see the example “A male slapped a Female and a Female slapped a man in both cases we are blaming the male person. This is totally injustice and against humanity. Being a male, I don’t take it in any condition.
The whole world is celebrating women day than why not man day?
At last I would like to say Govt. needs to correct the error and seats should be reserve for the gents like ladies, give them equal rights of living to act on this rule. No doubt this will make the difference for our nation and to reduce crime.


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