May 15, 2010


Its known to you that Delhi recorded the abnormal temperature of 44.4 degree on 14nth may 2010, while the hottest area of the city is Palam which is recorded maximum temp of 46 degree Celsius on the other hand The hottest place in northwest India was Jhalawar in Rajasthan where maximum temperature touched to 46.2 degrees Celsius, as the mater of fact Rajesthan facing the problem due to Thar desert effect but why Delhi got effected? this is nothing but due to our development program, the way Delhi climatic condition is changing & water level dipping question arising that" Delhi will turn in to a desert?"
I think it will not surprise if it will happen because as the day progressing trees were replaced by the buildings or roads & as a result of it water level dipping in alarming speed, 2m/per year. So no doubt with in 10 year Delhi will turn in to a desert, deforestation, water scarcity & rise in temp, these are shine of our future.
Govt is always talking about development but never thought about the go green plane or afforestation which is going to save us from our dark future.
According to rule a person who cuts one tree, he have to plant 10 tree but forests are drying up not growing this is due to development program as well as poor govt policy.Govt is always talking about go green plane but doing nothing for this, you see due to common wealth game many trees were cut down in lodhi road but no trees planted any where in revert of that, its showing clearly the mirror to our govt poor policy.
At last I would like to say that this rise in temp, law rain fall, sandy & hot storm over all the climatic condition like a desert created by the govt poor policy which is development.
So govt should take immediate action to save trees & plant trees as well as start public awareness program to save Delhi.


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