May 09, 2010


Finally 17 months long drama is over & Mumbai high court sentenced Ajmal Kasab, while sentencing Kasab judge M.L.Taheliyani said “Kasab is a menace to society. Keeping such person alive is a constant danger to the govt & state”. He might be right but not 100% correct, I think sentencing Kasab is not the solution to terrorism & we are not punishing the real culprit, everyone knows that Kasab is not more than a weapon of terrorism, you see Kasab is only 22 years old & in his tin age, he turned in to a giant killer, do you ever thought what made Kasab in to a terrorist? Answer is always come poverty & illiteracy, No doubt the present living condition & economic condition of Pakistan, Afghanistan creating such terrorist. As we all know “poverty & illiteracy is mother of all crime”
As the mater of fact Kasab is the small fish in the mighty ocean of terrorism & every year terrorist groups like Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen(HM) etc are creating lakh of terrorist per year, if we will kill one Kasab uncountable Kasabs are waiting behind him to take the revenge without thinking their end. So sentencing Kasab can create more complicated situation because one who does not fears death, he can do every thing, I think you all have seen the acts of suicide bombers, how they are killing themselves for the evil purpose.
Many people seen to celebrating the death sentence of Kasab all over India, thinking that we have taken the revenge of 26/11, as far as I concern sentencing Kasab is not the real revenge of 26/11 but to destroy the seed of terrorism or to find out & sentencing the master mind behind the making of Ajamal Kasab.
According to Gandhi JI “An eye for an eye can make very body blind” so don’t go for revenge but go for the solution…..Please don’t misunderstand me that I am supporter of Kasab.
We have to finish terrorism not terrorist.


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