May 22, 2010

Mahatma Gandhi:-THE MAN WITH TRUTH

The best political leader in the world is none other than our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi because no one has taken over at a worse time, and turned things around so completely like him & He is the only leader who did nothing for himself what talk about his family. you see nobody knows the family of Gandhi Jee & Nehru family is known to the world as Gandhi family as he crossed the limit of sacrifices when after freedom he served his "Gandhi"title to others & now a days political leaders are using his name for winning election.
Gandhi ji told that “Truth is the only weapon I have” & with the help of this weapon.
He had given us the sweet breath of freedom. He did all the heard work & when India got freedom, he denied taking any reward. According to Bapu, “labor never goes in vein” and he proved it to give us freedom. When he started the freedom fight a sage came to him and showing his eagerness to join it but Bapu told him to wear to “Khadi” instead of “Garwa vastra” to serve the people. From this short story, I want to remind the Indian political leaders that they wore “Khadi” to serve the nation and people but they lost their vision and working like kings. Nowadays, leaders are only good speaker, actor and I think you all have seen good fighter also. I have seen some political leaders to criticize Bapu, but they have forgotten that today they have got the liberty to speak freely only because of him.
At last I want to say no one can take the place of Bapu & that day is not far when world will worship like a God because of his achievement & what he did for us only a God can do it.
He is the best
Bapu ki Jai ho……..


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