May 18, 2010


Rima Fakih, 24 year from Dearborn, Michigan, became the first Muslim woman who won the title of Miss USA in 2010 & she also won pol dancing contest in 2007. She is born in Arab while grown & educated in USA, she is a graduated in economics from the Michigan university. Currently She is working as a marketing executive at Detroit Medical Center & while she decided to attend law school after completing her terms as Miss USA.
Rima Fakih surprised the whole world as well as the Muslim community after holding the Miss USA crown because Muslim women are said to believe in "Parda"like wearing Burkha(Vail) so this news is really surprising for the whole world on the other hand you see , the first fatwa of
Darul-uloom Deoband has said that “exhibiting bodies by Muslim women while modeling is against the Shariat law”, According to TOI.
2nd Fatwa that "Muslim women working with Men community is Haram(illegal)"
Its showing clearly that when the world is reached to Moon & planning to reach Marsh, they didn't came out of their law mentality, this is the main reason of their backwardness.
God created both man & women & given equal rights of living to every one so its totally illegal to give such fatwa over women.
I think Rima Fakih achievement definitely make some difference
Let's see how the Muslim community reacting over it....


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