May 09, 2010


Edmund Burke said thatSuperstition is the religion of feeble mind” but superstitious people are nothing but the believer of science unknowingly, as we know illiterate people are mostly superstitious & teaching them science is the most difficult task. Saints were compared to the Scientists because both of them doing experiment with nature than giving any advice to people so in ancient age, when Saints came to know the science & informed the people but their advice tuned on to vain because its not more than a funny jock for them due to ignorance so they threaten people on the name God to follow science saying that “if you will not follow our advice than God will angry with you” & this trick work out as a magic & people started to follow their advices blindly, in this way they became superstitious. But this trick played the most important role behind the advancement of civilization as well as to protect humanity.
You see very religion believes in truth, righteousness, honesty, peace, service & non-violence, every religion threaten for hell fire, if you believe evil work& dishonesty on the other hand promising for the sweet reward of heaven if you follow the righteousness & honesty. No doubt about it that truth, honesty, righteousness, peace, non-violence & service are essential behind the reformation of society & to make it crime free nation. It’s a bitter truth that crime rate was very law in old age while in the modern as its high like Mount Everest, This is because now we don’t believe in religion, we believe in science so we want prove to believe any thing either its good or bad & religion is unable to serve you the prove because its fictionally designed by the wise saints to save the humanity.
At last I would like to say that we people are better to be uncivilized without crime rather than civilized with crime, what is the need of such civilization, development & education which is a destroyer of humanity & we people turned in to animals with modernization of society. Please think it over if you are human being!


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