May 17, 2010


Twenty-20 cricket a game of excitement & glamor as well as a game of uncertainty where no one can predict any thing correctly about the winner. Just see the result of all 20-Twenty world cup, every time the winner Team surprised the world as no one expected their win. At first Indian won Twnety-20 world cup in South Africa , its totally inexperience team & nobody expected their win, that time every one favorite Team was South Africa but they failed to inter into the semi final & a law ranked team in experience became the champion, a inexperience team did the miracle under Dhoni captaincy, similarly in second Twenty-20 world cup won Pakistan in England, that time also an inexperience Team won the Championship, its totally a unexpected result while every one’s favorite Team was India & Australia but both of the failed to enter into the semi final & law ranked Team won the world cup surprised the World.
Now see the result of twenty-20 world cup,2010 in West-Indies, here also England surprised the world after defeating Australia by 7 wicket & won the world Championship while this time every one’s favorite Team was Australia, Pakistan & India. This win is totally an unexpected one & surprised the world.
Do you know why it’s happening? Why every time a surprise result coming in front of us? This is because in Twenty-20 cricket, a single mistake can take you out of the game on the other hand a good inform bats man can able to won the title for you . This version of game says go & hit every ball out of the boundary so when you are in good form than you can surprise the world, most important thing against a inexperience team other teams are failing to do their home work, this is also another reason for surprise result & last thing under estimating weaker team by the strong team, this might be factor for unexpected result. I think the defeat of Australia against England in final & India’s defeat against West-Indies & Sri Lanka in super 8s, is nothing but the result of overconfidence & underestimating the power of their opponent Team.
At last I would like to say that Twenty-20 cricket is a game of uncertainty because single mistake can take you out of the game so surprise result bound to come, blaming a Team for their poor performance is not wiseness but foolishness,
This shortest version of the cricket:- Twenty-20 is the game of uncertainty & luck not the game of talent & experience so prepare for the unexpected result & enjoy the game.


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