May 09, 2010


As expected Finally Indian team done a shameful exit from world 20-20 tournament after losing all league matches in super 8s . Do you know who is responsible for this shameful defeat & exit? Not the players performance or captaincy is responsible, the only thing that is responsible that is none other than IPL(Indian Premier League) session 3 which made the Indian cricketers tiered & injured. You see the injury of Gambhir, Sehwag, Praween & most important thing, you see how the players are playing the shorts & their body language, which not a tall the body language of a fit player on the other hand Captain Dhoni given his statement during the departure to west-Indies addressing to Media that "Players are 100% fit, no side effect of IPL, we are professional" but the way Indian team played in 20-20 world cup showing the mirror to the fitness that none of the player is 100% fit, when they are trying to hit a six every time its falling short & getting in to the players hand, its looking like all players lost their power to hit the ball after plying non-stop 45 days cricket & 45 night parties with film stars.
During IPL they are looking like a tiger & giving their best to their respective team while playing for India they turned in to rats.
If I am laying than see the all the matches in 20-20 world cup, if you leave the Raina's 100 against South Africa, than our performance is really pathetic.
No doubt about it this shameful exit is the reward of IPL
At last I would like to say that IPL giant doing his job so greatly as he going to swallow Indian cricket slowly & slowly, don't think about the Indian teams ranking in test & ODI cricket, just see the side effect of IPL,
The performance of of Indian cricketers in IPL compare to International cricket, is a mater worry for Indians, you see the performance of Sachin, Raina, Dhoni & Yusuf, who they have played for their IPL team, which they never shown for their national team.
The way Dhoni played in 20-20 world cup, looking that he has already done his job after winning IPL trophy, no need to win 20-20 world cup.
On the other hand,The way Ravindra Jadeja bowled in T-20 world cup looking like he is taking revenge from BCCI because of his ban in IPL season three.
Not to talk about Yubraj Singh he is really shameless just watch what he is doing & where his interest lies.
As far as I concern IPL should be banned in India for the batter future of Indian cricket as well as world cricket other wise no one is going to save Indian cricket from IPL.


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