May 09, 2010


The world is saying that “if cricket is a religion than Sachin is God” but I am saying if cricket is religion than Lalit Modi is demon” because he has destroyed the dignity of cricket Now question arises how? No doubt he is one of the most powerful figure in world cricket & played a pivotal role behind the success of IPL as while on the other hand he worked like a demon to destroy the dignity of cricket for money. He changed cricket as the cocktail of money, women, wine & gambling & guided cricket to reach in the 5th grade level as 99% entertainment & 1% sports.
You see the connection of film stars, business tycoons, politicians & now under world as well. The worst thing Modi has done that is the addition of cheer girls & wine in cricket & now his name is coming with match fixing & gambling means Modi turn cricket in to “Casino” where people dancing, batting & drinking. As far as I concern if he will continue as IPL commissioner than that day is not far when IPL will played through out the year due to increase in IPL teams & it will not surprise us when cricketers will serve wine by the bar girls during drink break & while appealing for dismissal players will force to dance in front of the empire how horrible that sight will be do you ever imagine when cricketers will become not more than a bar girl for money.
I think all credit goes to BCCI & govt, why they not interrupted Modi for three year? Why they legalized the sell of cricketers & teams? You see both BCCI & govt showing their innocency as they know nothing about IPL & what a Modi was doing since three year? Can you believe it? The country having the largest democracy in the world can any one dare to do this with out any political back up!
At last I would like to say that IPL must be banned in India for the bright future of cricket as well as world cricket because IPL is great demon who came to swallow cricket & cricketers. So beware of IPL!


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