May 17, 2010


England cricket Team, one of the most unlucky Team in world cricket because of the habit of loosing final, in spite of playing good cricket through out the series, failing to win the tournament loosing final every time, seems to be a mirage winning finals . You see in world cricket England is the only Team who never won world cup title & England is the only Team who lost world cup final most of the time so people are started to think that winning a final game is unfulfilled dream.
Thank God finally England won the world cup Twenty-20 in West-Indies after defeating their traditional ravel Australia by 7 wicket, in this way the dream of England cricket Team turned in to reality & their happiness doubled first for winning world cup 20-20 & than defeating Australia.
I think after loosing uncountable final they became superstitious started to think that they can't win final games & that's why they are playing final games halfheartedly, you can say that the fear of loosing final games is the main reason for their final game tragedy.
I hope England Team will over come from their old superstition & workout in their mental strength & most play final games wholeheartedly to kill the demon of final.
At last I would like to say that England team defeated the demon of final after winning 20-20 world cup but not killed yet so they need to prepare them self to kill the demon of final to make a habit of winning finals in place of loosing.
I am congratulating England cricket Team from the core of my heart for their great win over Australia & becoming the world Champion.
Always keep a winning attitude & you will be a winner, so keep it up
Best Of Luck