May 09, 2010


The world knows what is IPL(Indian Primer League) as IPL turned in to the most richest league in world & looking like the world is infected by IPL fever, do you know , why it is? This is because the money & glamor hidden behind it. Now a days every player from the world cricket would like to be apart of IPL rather than for their own country.
You see especially the honesty of cricketers, which I have seen during IPL matches, every player trying to give their best either its batting, bowling or fielding which they never shown while playing for their own nation, may be I am going to heart the fans of Sachin but I am not wrong while saying this, just see the mind blowing performance of Sachin Tendulker as a player & as a captain how he single handedly helped Mumbai Indians to win the IPL Trophy , the killing sprite & will power he has shown during IPL session three, I think very body will agree wit me he never shown while playing for India, no doubt he is on of the best cricketer by technique & runs & records but his qualities never helped India to win matches in every big occasion.
Thanks to IPL(Indian Primer League) for teaching the lesson of honesty to cricketers.
This is all about cricketers now come to film stars, Industrialists & politicians. To see the glamour, publicity in cricket many famous film stars & business tycoons decided to be a part of IPL & its known to every one that publicity & glamour bring money as well so their speculation bore fruit & with in three year IPL turned in the most richest league of the world & no doubt IPL chief Lalit Modi played the most impotent role behind IPL success followed by the Cricketers, Film stars & Industrialists. As money has the power to attract every one so it’s not surprising to see the political interest in IPL. Finally politicians are going to take charge of IPL, you see the drama of political leaders, Income Tax Department & Media to defame the reformers of Indian cricket for the greed of money, it’s known to very one that Modi is charged in match fixing & gambling too.
My question is, if the politicians are that much liberal & honest than why they kept silent for three year? Why they have not interrupted Modi the In 1ST session of IPL? ? Why they have not shown their interest during the initiative of IPL? It shows clearly the conspiracy behind it to defame Modi.
At last I would like to say that “O” God please save IPL from politics & politicians.


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