January 10, 2010


According to a famous saying that " one who criticizes, complains & blames , he is a fool". Now a days no of racial attack on Indian students in Australia but in reaction Indian govt did nothing to protect Indian student in spite of criticizing it. In this way our govt showing his foolishness in front of the world. Is this the solution to stop racial attack on Indians. I think this attitude of Indian govt is nothing but passing buck only.
You see the history insult of an Indian in South Africa & that Indian given freedom to South Africans from Britishers. That Indian is non other than our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. But now a days Indian political leaders don't believe to fight for justice or follow Gandhi jee, they just believe to follow " Bapu jee ke teen bander"(three monkey of Gandhi jee) as well as their act "bura mat kaho, bura mat suno or bura mat dekho"(don't see, hear & speak evil). That's way Indian govt is still silent did nothing to protect Indians.
At last I would like to say govt should take strong action against such attack & ask Australian Govt to provide protection to Indians in their country as well as punishment to the culprits as soon as possible. If Australian govt not cooperating with us than Govt should ban Indians to study in Australia. I think this is the only way which can stop racial attacks on Indians in Australia & nothing ales.


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