January 13, 2010


Mr Twitter, our external affair minister, Shashi Tharoor shown his cattle class to criticize Nehru & Mahatma Gandhi's foreign policy. He told like that "I agree with ( British MP Bhikha) Parikh's opinion of Nehru & Mahatma Gandhi's foreign policies. Its was more like moralistic running commentary". I don't know Mr Tharoor, What you want to prove through your statement.
1st time you told while traveling in plane that " Its a cattle class". In spite of you none of our political leader including PM, criticized the economy class. We thought that you never traveled in economy class that's why you have given such opinion. But now you criticized the legend like & Nehru & Mahatma Gandhi policies. I would like to say Mr Tharoor that the policies of Mahatma & Nehru given us freedom from Britishers but what you have given to India? Nothing. How can you dare to say like this? Today you are speaking freely this is because of their golden policies. In spite of thanking to them, you are criticizing, I think you need extra class on Indian history to remember their contribution for India.
None of the political leader ever dare to criticize Gandhi & Nehru's policies in spite of Mr Shashi Tharoor. Do you know why it is? because he is more qualified & intelligent than Mahatma & Nehru. We think you deserve PM post not external affair minister post. You are in wrong place Mr Tharoor. Indian will never understand you & your class. Its better for to stay out of India.
At last I would like to say that the Legends like Mahatma Gandhi & Nehru Jee born once only. They given their whole life to the nation & to serve the humanity, criticizing them is a terrorist like act as well as misuse of freedom. I think such people have no right to live in India. The criticize of Mahatma & Nehru is the insult of Indian so It a request of mine to Mr Tharoor that please think 1000 time before speak over them.


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