January 17, 2010


Why security check is an issue to VIPs in India? This is because of our poor law & order of India. Particularly in India none of the VIPs like political leaders, Film stars & Famous people don't like to go through security check as they were habituated to brake the security brier to show their power, position, money as well as name & fame. According to them only common people needs security check & security check is against their prestige & status. As the mater of fact such mentality of VIPs gives chance to the terrorists & criminals to commit crime. The country like USA, UK & China never compromise with security. They are treating every one in the same manner that's why they are safe from Terrorist attack. For example, you see after 1993 so many terrorist attack in India but after 9/11 no terrorist attack in USA. Its shows clearly that our poor security system responsible for such attacks. I think you all have seen & heard about former President APJ Abul Kalam , Film star Shahrukh Khan & Salman Khan's controversy over security check in USA. I think the reaction of President Kalam is justified but Shahrukh & Salman's reaction is baseless. They reacted in media that US is planned to insult & torture them through security check & our stupid media also highlighted the issue through their headline as "Rastrapati ka apman, Shahrukh khan ka apman & Salman kahn ka apman" means the Insult of President Kalam, film star Shahrukh khan & Salman Khan. I don't know, what media want to prove through this? I think they have to understand it, this is not an insult but Its a law to protect our nation from terrorist attack & criminal activity. I think every one needs to follow this rule as a true citizen for the shake of nation & Its people.
At last I would like to say, we people started to think like that, Its a formality but we have to understand it deeply because Indian Govt is investing 75% of economy behind defense for our safety than what is the use of it? This is because we people leave safely & happily in our nation. So we need to follow this rule like true patriot & worthy citizen without thinking our post,status as well as name fame in society. This is the only way to protect our nation from devils.


  1. The Indians generally have a mentality of showing their status and to be treated as a special.This is the reason that even when an ordinary person gets money or position he starts expecting to be treated in a different manner than a common man.We also have the tendency of foolishly gathering around some people who become famous in a certain area without thinking what that person has done. This tendency is responsible in the creation of celebrity status.If we do not care about who is doing what then no one can be considered celebrity so easily unless he or she has done some thing great for the nation and society.