January 28, 2010


"Aman ki asha", I think you all know about this joint campaign of Indian & Pakistani singers to establish peace in between Indo & Pak. The result comes nothing but the situation turned more complicated after their campaign for peace due to the IPL gaint controversy. Do you really think "Aman ki asha " make any difference to establish peace in between Indo & Pak? I don't think so, In reality nothing can bring peace in between Indo & Pak till our political leaders won't take any initative because this conflict is totally a political issue nowhere the citizens involved in it. So your "Aman ki asha" is totally useless in spite of awakening the citizens of Indo & Pak, You should sing in front of the political leaders of both nation to establish peace because they can only fulfill your expectation & no one can.
You see the statement of Former Pakistani President Parwaz Musharaf that "If I want be in President post than I am bound to raise the Kashmir issue". It shows clearly that Its a political agenda & political leaders don't want to solve this because this conflict giving them a chance to hide their incapability to fight against terrorism & how can they blame each other for their own mistakes if issue will be solved. Its known to everyone , what going on in between Indo & Pak means your " Aman ki asha" is not for the search of peace but to get popularity & publicity on the name of peace. You actors & singers having the same motto of living, Its "publicity ke liye kuch vi karega" means your every act is a publicity stunt.
At last I would like to say that peace is not a expectation from others but the nature of human being & violence is against of humanity so we should act like a human being to establish peace in the world what is the use of " Aman ki asha".


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