January 03, 2010


This is the sad story of our national channel. Its name is "Doordorshan ". Do you know why its name is Doordorshan because every Indian would like to see it from distance. I think only 1% people watching our nation channels & 99% people watching other channels like Star, Zee, Sony , Colour, NDTV etc. Nobody like to see DD due to the poor quality given to the viewers. Since our independent its condition is so poor. Now a days India is known as a developed & powerful country in world & their poor condition of its national channels is serious mater to think. You see India is is going to host common wealth games 2010 what type of example this will set in front of the world. Our Govt never shown his interest to improve its quality rather than starting no of channels. DD has no of channels but due to the poor quality no one like to watch it. As the mater of fact "Doordarshan" justifying its name that" watch it from distance". The poor condition of DD is a black spot on our nation's development . So till we will not improve its condition we can't get development because media is the image of the society.
At last I would like to say being an Indian , I am filling ashamed of myself while criticizing our national channel. I think Govt should take steps to improve the quality of our national channels as no of private channels are doing good business in market due to the good quality provided to the viewers. I think Doordarshan can get good business as well as popularity to improve its quality. Starting no of channels can't make the difference but through quality it can because "nobody like to compromise in quality ".


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