January 19, 2010


Now a days people are started to compare "Islam-ism with Terrorism" because most of the terrorist belongs to Islamic country like Pakistan, Afghanistan,Iraq etc. Every were the terrorist are created situation like that a man with beard & look like a Muslim suspected as a terrorist. I would like to say "a religion & It's follower never be wrong because every religion lids to the same goal & their motto is same. Its only righteousness & non-violence. Religion never separates people, It always unities us. I think terrorism is nothing but violence in the name of religion which Islam never permits to anyone. Violence is totally against of Islam. As the terrorist are saying that "Its Jihad", No, Its not Jihad. Jihad is a holy war. According to Prophet Mohammad that "Apne nafs se jihad karo" means a war against our own desires. Jihad means the victory of righteousness over evil. So terrorism is against of Islam-ism as well as humanity.Justify FullNo doubt Islam is the best religion & Its spread all over the world due to Its simplicity & good laws. As I have seen the simplicity of Islam practically in my life. I born in a Hindu family & having a eagerness to know Islam-ism from my childhood so once I get into a mosque. I offered prayer in a different way so one of the people asked that " what is your name?". I told my name with fear "Shyam Jaiswal". You know what happened after that all people from the mosque hugged me & appreciated me. After that they offered me to eat with them without discriminating the cast, creed & religion. From that moment I have a great respect for Islam-ism as well as to the followers. Another Incidence from the Hadith(Islamic religious book)" During the time of Prophet a person get into the "Masjid-ul-Haram" & done stinza(call of nature) their to see this Prophet told him kindly that " This is not the place for stinza, this is the place for prayer". To see the kind act of Prophet he & his follower converted to Islam-ism. In reality this is Islam & Its act.
At last I would like to say those who are the part of terrorism. They are never be a part of Islam-ism. Please don't blame the best religion by your cruel act. You people also know that we people are the children of Adam & Eve than don't kill your brother in the name of religion. Love every one like your brother because "Love is the law of life".