January 03, 2010


How ever the terrorist turn saint Ajmal Kasab turned hostile from his statement that" mujhe gunaha kabul hai" means he is responsible for 26/11 attack. Now see his current statement "mai udher nahin tha". He told the story like that " he was arrested 20 days before 26/11 attack & later framed in the case. He also told that " he never held an AK-47 & blamed police for his early confession. This is not the only example of turning hostile from statement but this incidence brought back the memory of "west bakery case" . how Zaheera saikh changed his statement no of times & now Ajmal is following her & setting an example in front of the terrorist that how you can be hero after committing crime. This is because our poor law & order which giving the culprits to play with justice. In reality we don't know what happen their & who is responsible for 26/11 attack. May be Ajmal is innocent as I have seen practically the act of Indian police twice.
1st time during my schooling, what happen one of my friend slapped me due to misunderstanding & unfortunately police seen this incidence during their patrolling. Without knowing who is culprit they locked both of us for a whole day.
2nd time in 2007 , what happened that day during snatching a thief caught red-handed by police than both of us taken to police station & when they come to know the thief is a son of retired police inspector. In spite of charging him, police started to bit me & asked me to pay Rs-2000/- for penalty & threaten me, "If you will not pay the money, we will put you in jail charging murder cash". I paid Rs 2000/- as a penalty because I did nothing . From those incidence, I never have a faith on Indian police & I hate them heartily.
I think you all heard the fake encounter of an MBA student by Jaipur police , the encounter of three student by Bihar police & the encounter of Sohrabudin by Gujarat police. Now see the great example of Haryana IG SPS Rathor, Who is main accuse behind Ruchika suicide & harassment of her family.
At last I would like to say that "we know Kasab is lieing because he caught red-handed in cc TV. But I think anything can be possible in India due to poor law & order and dirty politics. where laws are only for the common people not for the powerful people. So It can be possible in India that the terrorist Ajmal kasab is innocent.


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