January 28, 2010


I think Its a great move of HRD ministry to de-recognize the 44 deemed universities because such universities are threat to India's future. You see most of the students want to be a Doctor, Engineer, Lecturer or MBA & It is not possible that every one can fulfill their dream legally. So those students falling to get good rank in entrance test they are moving towards the deemed universities to fulfill their dream while they are not qualified. To utilize the money power they are getting admission in such universities & soon become a Doctor, Engineer, Lecturer or MBA . A poor student getting a degree or diploma because of money & became a poor Doctor,Engineer, Teacher or MBA. Which is a great threat to the India's future.
You know Doctors, Engineers & Teachers are the back bone of a nation when they will become weak, It can destroy the nation. As example one of my friend given joint entrance of Med & Eng five times & failed to get a good rank than she taken admission in a deemed university in south after paying a huge amount & completed MBBS with more than 80% mark. Now she is a doctor in a reputed hospital. Another example one of my friend completed physiotherapist from a deemed university in 1st division, very strange his English is very poor & having a poor academic back ground. While I asked him, how you did this miracle, he told me that"exam me notes milta hai" means they are getting help in exam. Recently he opened his clinic, I think such type of doctors are killing the innocent patients to treat them. Like this a poor engineer can result a mass killing, If he makes any mistake while constructing a fly over , bridge or building & poor teacher can destroy the future of students. Its a mater to worry for Indians & govt, what happening in India because of money & deemed universities are playing major role behind it.
At last I would like to say that Deemed universities are the greatest threat for India's future so govt should ban such universities for the shake of our nation as well as for the golden future of India.


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