January 10, 2010


According to the statement of Baba Ramdev that "homosexual are sick people , they should be treated in hospital". I think he is absolutely right this is really sickness which compel them to go against the nature of human being. You see from the time of Adam & Eve , Is same sex marriage justified by any religion? No, never. None of the religion given permission to same sex marriage because its against of nature. According to holy Quaran sarif that"A day will come when a man will merry a man & woman to woman & this will be the sign of Qayamat(destruction of the world)". Now a days things are happening as exactly written in Quaran. You see the same sex legalization & calamity of nature. The nature lost its balance & destroying humanity like a big giant. I think nothing can help us from the calamity of nature in spite of God.
At last I would like to say Baba Ramdev as you told " sab kuch yoga se hoga". It is fact that yoga can do the miracle but you ever realized that the fees of your yoga training camp only a rich can afford, poor can't afford it or you will not allow them to get in to the camp. Yoga is for the service of humanity not for business. So in spite of giving good speeches in media, you need to serve all people with yoga without discriminating rich & poor.
You also know where money comes first that is not Yog, its Vog. As you told "homosexuality is sickness"means they are going against the nature of human-being like this "a saint never serves for money but you do". This is also against of nature of a saint so ......... just try to understand what I mean to say " Treat yourself first then others".


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