January 26, 2010


Maoists, The biggest threat to India's freedom. You see our security agencies came across the Maoists innovative skills last week when CRPF team busted an arm manufacturing unit in forest close to Gobardha village in Chatra district in Jharkhand & recovered a number of "duplicate AK 47 & AK 57 " rifles of high stander-ed. The CRPF also sized as many as 59 different types of instruments which are used to manufacture & assemble these rifles and various type of pistols. Its mater to worry for Indians because we are thinking that Maoists are mainly depended on weapons looted from armories but now they have developed the expertise to clone sophisticated weapons like AK-47 & AK-57. This act is showing that they are planning for a big gamble. If govt will not stop them than the day will not far when the situation like Pakistan will be created in India. You see, Initially Pakistan taken "Taliban" so lightly that's why they are suffering now a days. Approximately Taliban has destroyed Pakistan & India is doing the same mistake while deal in with Maoists.
At last I would like to say Indian govt should take quick & strong action against Maoists because now they are developing their power for a big gamble. I think this is the right time to restrict their development as well as to destroy them from the root label. Delay in action against Maoists means the distraction like Pakistan in India. So Indian govt must take strong initiative against the Maoists to finish them from India.


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