January 10, 2010


The famous dialog of business " Nobody wants to compromise in quality" means every one like to buy quality product rather than quantity. You see the growth of MN C's in world market as well as in India market. Either its product base or financial company doesn't mater , the main reason of their growth is their quality provided to the customers. The target they achieved in between 10 year our local companies unable achieve since our independence because of the poor quality of product as well as service. In India customer means" jo kast se marta hai"(one who dies in pain), this is because our Indian companies never given quality to customers. just compare an Indian company & a foreign company in the basis of quality, you will find out the difference between them. Simply you see the example of telecoms sector, Vodafone is far better than our Indian companies like Idea, Reliance& Tata Indicom while it launched last year in India. Now most of the people like to use Vodafone rather than Indian companies. With in a year Vodafone is competed the Indian companies due to their quality & facility provided to the users. This is not only in telecoms sector but every sector either its product base or financial company. If you don't trust me then use an electronic product of Sony & T-Series or visit to an Indian bank & MNC bank. You will realize the difference between them so quickly. As the mater of fact, Indian companies believe in the policy" Cheap & best " but in reality " which is cheap, that is never best". On the other hand foreign companies believe in " give quality products either its costing high". This policy plays the most impotent role in growth of any company.
At last I would like to say that if Indian companies want to grow like MN C's than they have to concentrate in quality rater than quantity as well as good facility.


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