January 10, 2010


According to the statement of PM of Tuvalu that "Tuvaluans were leaving Copenhagen with a bitter taste in our mouths". No doubt its a bitter taste to see the result of Copenhagen submit 2009. Finally in the submit brings the result "to cut emission" to save the world from climate change. Every nation blamed each other for carbon emission & advised each other to cut emission. As we know being a powerful country USA played the most impotent role in this submit & advised every nation to cut emission under US guide line & verification. Very strange, the greatest polluter of the history expecting pollution control from other nations. You see Us played the sea-tanker role in every war fought in the history & still he is busy in war against terrorism & polluting the environment. The emission of poisonous gases by the nuclear weapons during war or experiment polluting the environment mostly & its responsible for climate change. A nuclear weapon can destroy a nation by its deadly gas so please stop use of nuclear weapons in war to save the world. We have already seen the deadly result of war as the attack of atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki(Japan) on 6th Aug 1945 , still the side effect of that bomb banding can seen in the new generation than realize how deadly it is? but we people didn't learned the lesson from it & still busy in war. you know If US stops war, I think 50% pollution reduce automatically.
Do you think emission cut will save the world from the climate change? No one focused on the main issues like stop deforestation & start afforestation, Banning nuclear weapons which will save from climate change.
At last I would like to say this Copenhagen submit 2009 is a drama of every nation in front of the whole world that's why no one discussed the main issues in submit in spite of blaming each other for carbon emission. Every nation completed their formality to take part in submit & foreign tour. So no solution to Climate change & the end of the world.


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