January 13, 2010


"Hockey" the national game of India. I think Its a great jock to say that" Hockey is our national game". Now a days the condition of Indian hockey players so miserable even if they are not getting their match fees regularly. I think Its a black day of Indian Hockey day to see the Hockey players protest for money. Gone are the days when Hockey is known as the sign of Indians now Hockey players need to protest for their match fees. I think this is the only way to teach the Indian Hockey Federation as well as Indian Govt. The statement of sports minister that " Hockey players value the money not the nation". I would like to ask him that do you respect your national game? You see the Cricketers are getting corers of rupees while Hockey players are not getting their match fees. Its a mater of shame for Indians that no one like to be Hockey player due to Its poor condition of Hockey. Every one wants to be Cricketer due to money in it & cricketers are performing the their best due to money. How can you expecting from Hockey players perform well without money. Give them facility & money, they will also perform like cricketers soon become the no 1 side of the world. I think their protest is justified because both are playing for their nation. Hockey players are getting nothing in comparison to cricketers. So Govt should help Indian Hockey to improve its condition.
At last I really appreciate Pakistani actress Salma Agha for coming forward to help Indian Hockey which forced Indian Hockey Federation & govt to fulfill the demands of Hockey players. I think Hockey players also deserve facilities as well as money like cricketers & Govt should come forward to help Indian Hockey because Hockey is our national game not Cricket.


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