January 24, 2010


Recently HRD ministry has decided to De-recognize 44 deemed universities. Because of this decision three govt sponsored Institutes on list & 2 lakh students future is uncertain. Is it a good move by HRD ministry to De-recognize the deemed universities? Who is the real culprit, students, universities or HRD ministry? I think every one is culprit.
You see how students are responsible for their dark future. When students are getting admission in a reputed university or Institute due to their average mark most of the students moving towards the deemed universities to fulfill their dreams because they are getting assurance of passing with good marks from the universities . As example no of some of the students(whom I know personally) has given PhD, MAT, CAT, B.Ed, Joint entrance for Medical & Engineering respectively. When they failed to pass the entrance test they moved towards the deemed universities & paid a huge amount for admission. Now most of them fulfilled their dreams & working in govt sector as well as private sector with handsome salary. Once I have seen practically that I went to a management Institute they given me 100% guaranty of passing with 1st division, If I will take admission. 2nd time I went a technical Institute, They given be the assurance of passing & promised me to enroll in the final semester of electrical engineering, If I will pay the fees together. Now understand that universities are also responsible that because they are playing with the future of students & nation on the other hand such universities are making a poor doctor,engineer,MBA etc. I think such universities should be baned by govt. De-recolonization is not the solution to stop their dirty work. As the HRD minister Mr Kapil Sibal emphasized that the effected students would be taken care & on the other hand HRD ministry is also responsible because such universities are running all over the India from a long & govt came into sense now. The delay in action against deemed universities shows the dishonesty of HRD ministry.
At last I would like to say this situation is created by students, universities & HRD ministry so they should be punished. So at the end what ever result will come that's justified because no one is innocent.


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