January 10, 2010


This article is dedicated to the victim of MCD demolition, who lost their permanent slather during this deadly winter season. You see the cruelty of Indian govt who permitted MCD to demolish the home of poor & needy people on the name of development & beautification. In this chilled winter no one dares to step out of home & helpless people are sleeping inside the road & alive due to God's grace because our Govt did every thing to kill them. Is this the development ? While you people are making a complete village for 2010 common wealth game for the foreigners on the other hand destroyed the slather of thousand of Indians without any rehabilitation. You didn't realized the pain of poor people because you don't have any sympathy to those Indians & you people planned to kill them to finish poverty.
Finally after a lot of controversy & media's highlight over it, Delhi High Court orderedd MCD to provide slather to the victims & MCD erected a night slather in a park near pusha road on Thursday but its a heart didn't melt poor people spent the night in he park is the coldest day of the season found the helping hand stretched to them. To see this I am remembering the song " Rahne ko ghar nahe , sone ko bister nahe apna khuda hai rakhwal"(means not a home to leave, not a bad to sleep but God is their to help us). At last God stretched his hand to help the poor as Delhi Catholice Archdioese . The Delhi Catholice Archdioese stepped in open the class rooms of St Michale's School for night slather & decided to help the victims of the demolition. I think you have seen the political leaders & peoples to protest for built temple, mosque, for separate state demand or for justice of Aurishi , Ruchika or Jasica's murder case but no one came forward in between more then 100 million to help the poor people.
At last I would like to say political leaders never realized the pain of poor & needy people because they never came across with problem in life. I think they should spent a night inside the road with poor people in chilled winter, Which can make them realize & nothing can. You people are really great because people are putting you in throne & you are putting them inside the road to demolish their home. Great job , proud to be an Indian ?


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