January 30, 2010


I think "Shiv Sena & Maharashtra Navnirman Sena(MNS)" are the most powerful in India because even our govt never dared to speak against them what to talk about action. You see the threat by Shiv Sena & MNS to the Pakistani players & Australian players but our Govt is unable to take any action against them. Shiv Sena threaten Australians to play in India in relation for racist attacks on Indians down under. When Knight Rider co-owner Sharukh khan supported Pakistani players to play in IPL, In reaction of that MNS Chief Raj Thackeray's statement that "Himat hai to Pakistani players ko khila ke dekha" means If you have the power, let the Pakistani player play" & govt is still silence. This is not the first time when they threaten Pakistani team to play in India but Its history when Sena dogged the wanakheda stadium, Mumbai in reaction & series called off by BCCI due to security reason. That time also govt did nothing against them. I would like to rewind you the statement of Sena chief that "Bihariya ko lat mar ke nekalunga" means he will kick out the north Indians from Maharashtra& he did it practically no of deadly attacks on north Indians in Maharashtra proves it. That time also govt kept silence.
Now their drama to oppose Australian players against racist attack on Indians in Australia. I think Its a clear indication political drama because Sena did the same treatment with north Indians what Australians doing with Indians. The attack on north Indians also racism so you are equivalent to them so you have no right to go against them because of the similar principle of treating people. You see govt is still silence.
At last I would like to say that Indian govt is following the rule of "Bura mat dekho, Bura mat kaho & Bura mat suno" means don't speak, listen & watch evil. That's why Indian Govt is still silence. Go on India & shame on our democracy.


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