January 29, 2010


As "Burkha" is baned in France by President Eric , Muslim community protested all over the world against the decision of France govt. Is it a good move by France govt to ban "Burkha"?. If you judge it scientifically than Its a great move by France govt to ban "Burkha" because the country like France , US, UK & USSR are having cold climatic condition & their basking at the sun is very much essential to the human body & Burkha restricts sun rays to fall on our body as it is a full covered dress of woman. Which leads to skin disease or any other conical disease because sun rays contains vitamin D & Its plays most impotent role for the growth of body.
I think the protest from the Muslim community over the decision of France govt is totally foolishness because the dressing concept of every religion based on science & climatic condition. You see Hindu community are wearing dhoti & Saree because India is a hot ccountry & The Lamas are wearing a black full covered dress made by woolen & bathing once in month due to the cold climatic condition in Tibet. Christians are wearing coat, paint & tie because the country like US, UK & USSR having a cold climatic condition. Similarly the Muslims are wearing full covered dress like burkha & paijama kurta along with pagdi made by cotton due to the hot climatic condition of Golf. This dress protects them from hot sunshine & sand Storm. They are bathing once a week due to the scarcity of water in golf. If Hindues wear dhoti & sharee and Muslims wear burkha & Paijama kurta in the cold countries like US, UK & USSR, They can't survive their. Similarly Lamas wear full covered woolen dress & Christians wear coat, paint & tai in the hot countries like India , Africa & golf, They can't survive their.
At last I would like to say that he laws of every religion are based on science & according to the environment condition. So we should understand that "Burkha" is not the symbol of Islam & ban on "Burkha" is not against of Islamism. Burkha is used by the women of Golf countries to protect themselves from the hot sunshine & sand Storm from the beginning of Islam. Now a days criminals & terrorists are using "Burkha" as a weapon in criminal activities & terrorist attacks, It may be another reason to ban it. So please understand the reality of banning Burkha, Its only to protect the Muslim women from Its side effect or to protect humanity from the devils not to harm your religious belief.


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