January 28, 2010


When I came to Delhi, I asked this question to a stranger that "How to become a rich man in Delhi?". He answered me smilingly that"sabji becho amir ban jaoge" means sell vegetables if you want to be rich. That time I thought that he must be joking. When the big companies like Reliance fresh & Big Apple get into this business, I realized that person was not joking but telling the truth five years ago. If you don't believe, please see the profit below you will get,

VEGETABLES/ Farmer sells it/ Dealer sells it/ Consumers pays
--------------- ------------- -------------- ----------------
Cauliflower :-3.3 ------ 5.0 ----- - 25
Radish :-1.0 -------1.2 ---------10
Methi :- 4.0-------6.5 ---------16
Spinach :-3.0 -------10.0 ------- -40

You see this chart shows clearly, how you can earn the 10 time of your investment.
According TOI when they investigated from mandi to farmer that"there is not shortage of food items in the wholesale market. As a mater of fact rates have been dropping in the past two month. The effect of delayed monsoon was over & any shortage made by local producers. But the local vendors are doubling their profit & claiming supply from farms effected.' You see how black marketing affecting farmers & common people as well as our economy.
At last I would like to say that this situation is created by Govt and nothing else. If govt will take strong action against the black marketing no one has the power to do it. Finally all credit goes to Indian govt for this condition. My advice to you that" sell vegetables to grow rich".


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