January 17, 2010


Failing in every big occasion, It became the style of Indian team. You see the performance of Indian team in world cup or any big tournament. No of times Indian team lost the final while they are so close to the win. Its a famous dialog of cricket lovers that" jit te jit te harna Indian team ki pahchan hai" means "loosing while so close to win". Only 20-20 world cup is exceptional when Indian team won the final & excluding it, Indian team lost final 99 times out of 100. Its become a habit of Indian team to perform their wost in final game & loosing it shamelessly. They are always performing their best in league matches & wost in final while we have a great bating attack in the world as well as good bowlers. Recently you have seen the birth day knock of Yuvraj Singh how he performed like a genius. Yuvraj is not only the example but every Indian bats performs his best on his birth day. Its shows clearly that Indian players are so talented & having power to change the game in any condition then question arises, Why a talented team fails in final? Is it a will issue or skill issue?. I think no one can put question mark on their skill & talent that means Its a will issue not a skill issue. If they are loosing willingly means they are involved in match fixing. I think you all have seen the laughing face of cricketers after loosing final games. This also puts a question mark on their honesty because the cricketers like Md Azharuddin, Ajay Jadeja, Nekhil Chopra & Nayan Mongia are already charged in match fixing & banned by BCCI.
At last I would like to say BCCI needs to investigate properly on match fixing issue of Indian Team. If investigation giving them clean chit from match fixing means Indian players unable to handle the pressure that why they are loosing in final game. I think Indian team needs a psychiatrist which will help them to handle the pressure of final game as well as win the final.


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