January 14, 2010


As I am dreaming from childhood days to be a part of Indian defense because I thought that our defense sector is the only sector which is out of corruption but when I come to know about Major General P.C.Sen, Military Secretary Lt General Awadhesh Prakash and Lt Gen P K Rath, 11 Corps Commander Lt Gen Ramesh Halgali & their involvement in corruption broken my dream & trust. I always respect the shoulders from my depth of heart because of their selfless service to the nation but people like Mr Sen, Mr Praksh, Mr Ramesh & Mr Rath are the black spot on the name of shoulder. I think, Its better to open a grocery shop for them in spite of working in defense for money. The life of a shoulder is to serve the nation honestly not to earn money. A shoulder is a grate patriot who scarifies his life willingly for his nation, Its a noble profession. So please don't blame the shoulders to show your evil deeds for the greed of money.
At last I would like to say the corrupted people like Mr Sen, Mr Praksh, Mr Ramesh & Mr Rath should be hanged or given life time imprisonment for their terrorist like act. You see the Army Chief Deepak Kapoor's decision to take only"administrative action rather than harsher "disciplinary action" in the shape of court martial against them which is not good for Indian defense. They shouldn't be treated lightly in punishment because this will encourage others for corruption. You know the corruption in defense means a question mark on India's security system so take it lightly. Shoulders are to protect our nation, If they get corrupted then who will save us from enemies so Indian govt should take strong action against them & keep the defense corruption free for the bright future of India.


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