January 03, 2010


Now a days fire in DTC(Delhi transport corporation ) law floor buses is a serious problem for Delhi govt as common wealth game is ahead. Its essential for us to develop the means of communication before 2010 game. With addition of law floor buses in DTC added safety, comfort & punctuality in the life of common man as well as beautified the infrastructure of capital Delhi. But suddenly like storm broke out, fire in DTC buses one by one broken the safety brier of common people. I think its about to 1 year in addition of law floor buses in DTC & after one year of good run, suddenly such problem in most of the buses indicates the poor maintenance or conspiracy. Because a machine always shows its fault in initial stage not after on year. According to Tata motor that" road is not fit for law floor buses" then question raised " How it given us problem free ride since one year?. As I experienced with law floor buses that fire is responsible for poor maintenance & heavy load. They are washing buses every day along with the luxurious seats & passengers are traveling more then its capacity.
At last I would like to say this fire in DTC is nothing but the result of poor maintenance, carelessness & may be conspiracy of blue line owners or govt. I think in spit of blaming each other Tata motor or Govt needs to set up a group of engineers for the proper maintenance of DTC law floor buses. This is the only way to solve this problem.


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