July 06, 2010

BCCI The murderer of Indian bowling line up

India, The World no 1 team in Test cricket & 2nd in ODI having a best batting line up world cricket also famous for their waste bowling attack in world cricket. You see BCCI spending millions of rupees behind cricket but failed to find a good bowler who can perform consistently for India.
Do you know who is responsible for this? You will never believe this! But this is a bitter truth; culprit is no one other than BCCI who is the murderer of bowling line up. As Former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi addressed BCCI as “khaf Panchayat”, he is 100% person right, BCCI don’t know the ABC of selection, you see the selection of players in Srilanka Test series specially bowlers, The bowlers like Nehra, Praween who performed their best to help India to win Asia cup & from a long time they are performing their best but when it’s a turn for test cricket they called Isant Sharma & Sreesanth who performed their waste recently. The inform bowlers excluded & out of form included, this is the policy of BCCI. Why different bowlers for test & ODI? The selection of Yubraj Singh & Murli Bijay also a controversial selection when Rohit sharma & Dinesh Kartik like inform bats man are on the line than why Yubraj & Bijay similarly Rabindra Aswain who said be the discovery of Zimbabwe Tour, performed best than Pragya Ojha & Amit Mishra not got chance in Asia Cup & Yusuf Pathan who is the best all-rounder of Indian ODI team batted better than other players like Raina, Bijay & Kartik & bowled better than our specialist bowlers like Dinda, Navin Kumar,Mishra, Ojha in Zimbabwe Tour but excluded from Team. I think Yusuf will play very well I upper order but he never promoted by captain, in 6th down he is always coming to bat & always got a do or die situation so playing a big innings in such condition so difficult task, As the mater fact Yusuf is on of the best player in Indian cricket & if he will get a chance to play in up order he will definitely make a difference but BCCI axed him saying that non-performer will be axed than why you have selected Isant & Sreesanth & Bijay who are the great example of no-performer.
Above all acts of BCCI saying that “BCCI is nothing but a board of politics who is playing dirty game on the name of selection”.
At last I would like to say that BCCI needs reformation for their dirty work & poor selection process & players like Sunil Gavasker, Kapil Dev, and Ravi Shastri should be replaced as BCCI chief selectors. I think these players can make a fare & honest selection committee for the bright future of Indian cricket.


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